6" Round Jumbo Cupcake Stand, Contemporary

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3.00 LBS
6"  Round  Jumbo Cupcake Stand, Contemporary

Round 10" Jumbo Cupcake Stand 10" in contemporary design with custom custom hand tapped Hammered Top.  Constructed of heavy aluminium base metal for longtime ware with an extra heavy nickel coating to keep the finish bright and shiny for years to come.  Each product is hand made and assembled so a slight variation in design is sometimes possible. This product is constructed for the professional Cake Designer/Decorator  as it is designed to display the utmost perfect jumbo cupcake during that special day.  It has extra thickness for additional strength within the body and feet, is easy to clean and will not tarnish and has the look of Silver.  This item has been sold to the commercial food service  trade for over 10 years and is now being offered within the Bridal and Consumer Marketplace.  The perfect Cupcake Stand for that Jumbo Moment.  This item is often used at table setting as an individual stand for serving presentation, Offer the hottest idea for you party or wedding whit this new Jumbo Cupcake Display. Another creative look for the perfect day.